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Feeling the Full Moon Feels?

I think by now the effects of the Full Moon on human behavior is officially mainstream. As a majority, we're no longer isolating the effects of the full moon to animals and ocean tides. We feel it too. For those of us who are more sensitive and/ or aware of the cycles of nature, we are ready to observe and note any shifts in mood, energy levels, thoughts, etc. However, even those who are not as attuned to feeling energetic shifts in the atmospheres are aware of changes. They may express it less esoteric terms such as "feeling bloated," or "I couldn't sleep last night" or in the case of this post "feeling emotional for some reason."

As a very brief background, the sun represents our conscious parts - what we choose to project out into the world, how we choose to think, basically that which we are aware of. The moon represents our subconscious - the parts of us that are "beneath the surface", things we keep to ourselves, things we keep hidden, things that are running in the background of our minds & hearts, and of course emotions.

A full moon is when the light of the sun (our conscious awareness) fully illuminates the surface of the moon (our subconscious). Long story short, its shining a flash light on the skeletons in your closet telling you its time to clean up.

One of these skeletons is your emotions. They can be as old as you are or fairly recent but they are emotions that you haven't allowed yourself to feel. You know, when you feel that emotion bubbling up and you tell yourself "Ugh, nope. I can't deal with this right now." When the full moon comes around she brings with her a "ready or not" attitude and it's time to deal with it.

Of course we always have free will, we can choose to confront what comes up and face the discomfort or we can choose to shove it down and ignore it again (and if you've been following my work you know the latter leads to more trouble than gain).

Each full moon will affect you to a different degree, depending on the sign its in and where your state of being and evolution is. I have personally been experiencing this full moon more than recent others. The past two days have been fluctuations in energy when, cyclically speaking, I should be feeling a more consistent increase in energy & generally more emotional.

As I sat in front of my altar with my cacao during my morning ritual I felt a swell of emotions rise up from within me. There was a genuine desire to lay in bed and cry, and so I shed some tears. Do I know why I was crying? Nope! I just knew that there were some things I needed to feel and let my body & heart release through expressing it. I just let it be without having to name or analyze it. The moment I felt any sort of resistance to what was happening, in the form of thoughts like "I don't have time for this, I have things to do today, I need to go to the market and 'insert to-do list here'" - I received an important message for myself and for all of you:

"If you do not feel what needs to be felt, you will be held prisoner to the past and the future will always be just out of reach."

So if you've been feeling emotional today, it's okay. Let yourself feel what is asking to be felt. You don't have to make a big deal out of it, it doesn't need to be a full on emotional release ritual. Just allow yourself to feel with sincerity and without limitations. Here are some themes that this full moon may be stirring emotions up around: attachments, romanticized ideas of the past, and dependency.

This full moon is asking you, "What feelings have you pushed away? Can you allow your heart to express and release all the feelings you've been holding inside?"

Sending Love 💜


*Originally published July 3, 2023 updated for Cancer Full Moon themes

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