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How Energy Healing Works

We live in a vibrational universe. What we experience as “solid matter” is actually a bunch of atoms vibrating together so quickly that we cannot sense it with our eyes, hands, feet, etc but rather perceive it as solid and/or stationary. In actuality when we get down to the building blocks, matter acts as both a particle (localized in space) and a wave (not localized in space), it depends on the observer/ awareness/ consciousness.. Trippy stuff! It’s known as Particle Wave Duality and you can watch a short illustration by clicking on the link.

I’d like to focus on waves. Think of Energy Healing in terms of waves of energy. As we know, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can however, be transferred or transformed. We are constantly emanating waves of energy. Don’t believe me? Go stand next to a person that just stepped out of a hot yoga class, you will literally feel the heat (i.e energy) beaming off them. What about our ability to absorb energy? I mean, we can literally stand in the sun, take in the rays (that we don’t actually see because of our limited perception of the light spectrum), and then convert the energy from the sun into Vitamin D… can we agree that the human body is a sophisticated intelligent organism? Or how about the waves of energy that your heart projects with each pulsation. The same way we listen (input) and speak (output), eat food (input) and release poop (output), we take in energy and expel energy.

When we look at quantum “reality” there are an infinite number of possibilities. An Energy Healer/ Practitioner tunes into the quantum field by tuning into dimensions of time/space and selects the possibility of the outcome wishing to be attained - i.e healing headaches, alleviating pain, restoring fertility, etc. Once the intention for the healing session is set, the practitioner “tunes in” to the healing energy. This can be Reiki, Star Light, Violet Flame, White Light and so on. The Universal Life Force energy is all around us and we can choose the frequency we receive hence the different names or variations of energy work. Remember, we are talking about waves of energy and waves are non localized & transport energy through matter or space.

After the intention is set, and the practitioner is tuned into their chosen energy frequency, then the transference of energy begins. The energy being channeled carries the blueprint for whatever the intention was, let’s say the blueprint for health. These waves create a disruption in your electromagnetic field, disrupting the patterns of disharmony or dis-ease and introducing a more harmonic vibration beginning the process of entrainment. We briefly touched on the Law of Entrainment in my last journal entry How Crystal Healing Works.

Once the session is completed, you now have the blueprint for health embedded into your field. But the work doesn't stop there, just as a farmer’s work doesn’t stop when he plants a seed. The practitioner is here to HELP, and I cannot stress this enough. Do not go to someone expecting them to solve all of your problems. YOU have to be the one to tend the soil and nurture the seed into the tree that bears fruit. It is what you do in your day to day that will determine the effectiveness of Energy Healing sessions. Sometimes we do need more guidance & maintenance support until we are able to establish a high enough baseline to where we are better equipped to manage our own energy and that’s okay! We are here to help!

I hope you found this helpful in understanding the principles behind energy healing. Personally, I am a mystic and love the magic that spirituality brings to life. But I also understand some folks can’t always wrap their heads around this stuff or anything else that falls under the “woo woo” category, so I try to explain it in more scientific or quantifiable terms. That being said, I want to remind you that science is barely a fraction into the wisdom of spirituality and most theories are rejected, ridiculed, and burned to the ground (sometimes literally) before they are accepted as fact.

So keep an open mind as science catches up to the wisdom of the Spirit. Stay tuned for my next post on how distance healing works!

In Light,


*originally published August 18, 2022

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