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My Approach to Personal Development & Healing

I believe that everyone has the power to create the life they desire. My approach to personal development and healing is rooted in the belief that we are all connected to a higher power and that by aligning with this power, YOUR power, you can tap into your true potential.  My services range from mindset coaching to vibrational medicine, a spectrum that bridges the gap between spirituality and practicality. 


My work is heavily inspired by teachers ahead of their time such as Joseph Murphy, Neville Goddard, and Marcel Vogel. It is a multidisciplinary approach that takes into account your physical, emotional, and mental state while also opening the doors to your multidimensionality and addressing the spiritual dynamics at play. 


You are not just a human born to go through the motions of life. You are a reflection of the Divine and a powerful creator that can shape and mold your reality. Reclaim your birthright.

A Little Bit About Me

Hi There! This is Vivian talking, thanks for your interest in hearing my story. I come from an Afro-Latin culture and a lineage of what you would call channels, witches, mediums, healers, or spiritual practitioners. My ancestry exposed me to the supernatural and from an early age I learned that there was more than what the eyes could see or the mind could comprehend. 

I've always been mystically inclined and had a philosophic, contemplative nature. My questions about life and the nature of reality sprouted young. Familiar & societal conditioning however, caused me to shut down my natural gifts out of fear (though that philosophical curiosity remained alive).

In 2014, I experienced the mind's power to manifest first hand. In attempt to overcome self -esteem issues, I entered into a bodybuilding competition. Just as I had visualized, I won first place in each class I entered. 

In 2017, I experienced my first dark night of the soul. I was met with depression, high levels of stress, was in a toxic relationship, and facing the physical manifestation of dis-ease from stuffing down my anger and other emotions. Intuitively I always knew what needed to be done, I just ignored my intuition because it wasn't what I wanted to hear. I decided there was no way I could live out my entire life with the physical discomfort I was experiencing and started taking action to heal myself. So I set out to heal myself, addressing what I could do physically (like changing my diet & cutting out alcohol) then emotionally, because I knew my emotional & mental state were the cause - which led me back, and even deeper, into my spiritual nature. 

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In 2018 I received my first initiation into energy healing by Reiki Master and curandera, Luz Duque. In 2019 I began to receive the wisdom and transmissions from indigenous elders of Central + South America, and began working with plant medicines such as cacao & tobacco. In that space I also began to take on the part of my mission dedicated to women and the healing of the womb. Since then my life has been a series of what you could call quantum leaps and initiations. I launched this company in 2020 to share the tools I have gained through my experiences. I have over 400 hours in ritual + ceremony, have led 3 sold out retreats (and counting), and work with an international client base. I am dedicated to being of service and living my life as an example of the beauty and power contained in your Spirit, to help you remember that you are not alone, nor powerless, and that your connection to the Divine is the greatest realization you can come to. 

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