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I had 7 Crystal Healing sessions with Viv and all I can say is WOW. They were some of the most transformative and eye opening experiences of my life. I journeyed to past lives to release traumas that were impacting me in this lifetime, I was brought back to the time in the womb to assess the energies I was taking on as my own at that time, and I confidently explored my subconscious and rewired the faulty hardware while being held in a truly loving, sacred and safe space by Viv and my spirit guides 🦋 From deep womb work, to ancestral healing, to past life healing, to DNA activation, to removing the remnants of Lyme disease from my body, to uncovering limiting beliefs and the root causes of them, to astral travel, to divine messages from spirit on navigating my path, to guidance on aids to support my body, mind and spirit as well as incredible aftercare packages, I received far more than I ever expected from this modality. Each session was unique, profoundly healing and deeply expansive. The soul symbols received in each session have acted like anchors for me as I navigate life and they are appearing for me as signs of support and strength in the most obscure places, when I most need to hear the message. The healing continues long after the sessions end 🌀 In the process of my sessions, I overcame fear and limiting beliefs so much so, that I was able to step up and start my own business, something that I had been wanting to do for years. Up until then, I was trapped by fear and indecision. I have so much gratitude for Viv and Crystal Healing for helping me overcome this challenge and allow me to step into my true purpose 🕉️ Viv is a true earth angel and brings fun, joy and peace into each session. I felt so safe in her energy that I was able to truly surrender to the experience and go deep within to uproot the blocks in my life. I will be forever grateful to have met her on my healing journey and I can’t wait to do more work with her in the future 🙏 - Kathryn, Ireland

I felt incredible for a week after the retreat. I was a completely different person. Although the "afterglow" has worn off, I have actively tried to sustain that sense of well-being by listening to what it is I truly need. For lack of a better term, I am doing what sets my heart on fire, instead of leading with fear (as I had settled into since having kids). The things I let go of in the fire ceremony (complacency and not waiting for permission to shine my own light) have taken no thought to implement. I was talking to my therapist about that specific thing and she was saying that rituals and ceremonies rewire our brains. I didn't expect to actually let go of those things in the ceremony. I thought it would make me more aware of them, but that's it. I am very glad I was wrong in that assumption. At the retreat I felt like enough within myself (a new feeling) and that has continued. I am moving my business in a new direction with no fear, after 10 years of complacency. *Testimonial from a 3 day Women's Retreat

I wasn't sure what to expect, but Vivan's bedside manner was on point. She throughly explained what Crystal therapy was and helped me feel extremely comfortable. As a future healthcare practitioner I must admit that I made more progress with Vivian than I have with my traditional therapist. I can't wait for my next treatment. - Jay, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, New York City

It’s been almost a month since I received a crystal healing session from Viv, and the teachings I received from my body still resonate to this time. Viv holds a unique vision and space that is inter-dimensional and nurturing. She has an intimate understanding of crystals and energy that tap into lineages that are coming into remembrance. Throughout the whole process I felt safe, heard, and open. What I loved most is that Viv facilitates in such a way that helps *you guide yourself in what channelings and visions come through that is unique to you. It was a potent practice in self-awareness, and instrumental attuning that helped my mind, body, heart, and spirit find harmony within each other. - Samsara, Peru

Yesterday I had an incredible crystal healing session with the amazing Vivian . For the last two weeks I had been feeling this block around my upper body, physically and energetically and I know it kept me from receiving deeper love as well as receiving and expressing in general. Vivian took me through this profound guided process where I was able to analyze where this block cam from, why it’s there, and most importantly how to release it. Since then I’ve been feeling such profound shifts in my every day life already and I can only highly recommend you go follow her as well as book one of her crystal healing sessions! Vivian is such a beam of light that radiates out from every single cell of her body and it’s truly special to be in her space and energy! - Franziska, Business Energetics/ Trauma Therapy & Purpose Coaching, Mexico

Working with Vivian has been wonderful on so many levels. She is an amazing human being and such an inspiration for me. I had several energy transmission sessions throughout my phase of topical steroid withdrawal (tsw). Vivian helped me a lot going through that challenging time. So many profound shifts happened within me that made me feel lighter and more free. I also participated in a group session and a crystal healing session. Vivian has the gift to hold space for you in such a loving way. I always feel safe in her sessions, I trust her work deeply. It simply feels like home for me to receive healing through her work. - Anna, Yoga Instructor Germany

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