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About Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is an advanced technique for healing and personal development that works on both the psychosomatic and psychospiritual levels. It helps to unearth repressed emotions and initiate consciousness-expanding experiences, leading to a process of deep healing and transformation. The crystals serve as a bridge to the Higher Self and spiritual guides, allowing for a multidimensional approach to releasing mental, emotional, and energetic blocks. Through Crystal Therapy, one can cleanse their aura, gain clarity on life lessons, and experience empowerment and personal growth.


In its multidimensionality, Crystal Therapy not only accesses the subconscious mind to locate sources of disempowering beliefs, wounds, & patterns of limitation - it also carries the potential to recall past life/ karmic experiences that are affecting you in this timeline.


Crystals are an advanced consciousness that are here to assist humanity. Their potential for healing & creative manifestation are immense and exponential.

Crystal Therapy can assist you with:

  • inner child healing

  • identifying and reprogramming limiting beliefs

  • identifying the root cause of physical ailments

  • understanding life lessons from Higher perspective

  • soul retrieval

  • releasing energetic cords from previous relationships

  • cleansing your energetic field

  • igniting and tuning into your creativity

  • akashic healing

  • balancing the energy centers

  • realizing and connecting to your spiritual nature

  • strengthening your intuition

  • ancestral healing

and much much more!

This is not a casual nor passive modality, your active participation is required. It works best with clear intention, commitment, and consistency.

If you'd like more information, book a discovery call. If you are ready to embark of this beautiful journey of healing, empowerment, and magic ~ click below to get started.

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