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About Energy Work

Energy Work is an alternative healing modality utilizes the ancient practice of laying on of hands to create a clear channel for healing energy to flow. I offer a unique integration of Reiki & higher octaves of galactic frequencies to assist in balancing and restoring your body's natural energy field. As energetic beings, our vibrational state determines our physical state (and health). Energy Work helps to alleviate energetic stagnation for the health of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

Energy Work Can Assist You With:

  • Removing energy blocks

  • balancing the energy centers (chakras)

  • stress relief

  • anxiety relief

  • strengthening your electromagnetic field (aura)

  • connecting to your intuition

  • improving meditation

  • improving sleep

  • improving mental health

  • improving emotional health

  • fertility

  • rejuvenation

and more based on consistency & intention. ​

To learn more about how Energy & Distance healing works, please visit the articles in the Inspo + Edu section of my site.

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