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Retreat Logistics

Planning Your Flight
  • You will be flying into Guatemala City Airport (GUA)

  • Lake Atitlan is about 4 hours away from the city - you will need to take a shuttle from the city to the lake

  • This is where you may want to be strategic 

    • If your flight gets in before 11a, you have a good chance of making it to the farm in time for opening day activities.​

    • If the only flight options you have arrive in the afternoon or evening, I recommend flying in a day before & spending the night in the city or Antigua, then heading to the lake in the early morning on March 16

    • I personally spend a night in Antigua, its a colonial city about 1 hour away from the airport with many hotels & hostels to choose from.​

  • My recommendation:

    • Fly in as early as possible to make it to the lake on the same day. 

    • If you can pad a few extra days onto your trip, do it!

      • You may want to have a day or two after the retreat to rest & reintegrate before heading back home.

      • Trust me, once you're on the lake you won't want to leave haha!

About the Mystical Yoga Farm

The Mystical Yoga Farm is an off-the-grid, sustainable farm. They pride theirselves in being stewards of the land and being as environmentally conscious & connected as possible. This is a sanctuary to disconnect and come back to the harmony of nature. That being said:

  • There is NO WIFI at the farm

    • depending on your service provider you can probably still receive & send messages​

  • They strive for zero waste!

    • All trashed is processed on the farm - plastic, glass, burnables, etc​

    • Please be mindful of what you bring onto the property such as items individually wrapped in plastic, non recyclables, etc

  • The farm is right on the water, to avoid any runoff that may be toxic to the lake please bring eco friendly bath products

  • Most of the toilets are compost toilets! I find them fun to use and there's a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing that the nutrients the Earth once gave to be me will be turned into nutrients for her - Full Circle! And no, they don't stink!

  • All water goes through a triple filtration process on site 

  • Because the electricity is solar powered, blow dryers & flat irons are not allowed.

  • It is rustic, as most of Guatemala is, and that's part of the beauty - returning to simplicity.

Getting to the Mystical Yoga Farm

I'll be honest, getting to the lake can feel like a journey within itself, and I like to think it is. Lake Atitlan is a very special place. She has strong medicine to offer, but she does make you put in a little effort to receive it. Just know that if you feel yourself being called to the lake, if you find yourself on a shuttle riding the winding roads of the mountains - then you are meant to be there. I can assure you, it is 111% worth it :)

  • Fly into Guatemala City Airport (GUA)

  • Take a shuttle from either GUA or Antigua depending on your arrival​​

  • Once you get to the lake you will take a Lancha (small boat) to the Mystical Yoga Farm

  • Private shuttles will take you to the Santiago dock

    • From Santiago, you will take a private Lancha (small boat) to the Mystical Yoga Farm​

  • Public shuttles will only take you to Panajachel

    • From Panajachel (Pana for short), you have 2 options:​

      • Take a public boat from Pana to Santiago- then a private boat to the Mystical Yoga Farm​ (budget friendly but more hassle)

      • Take a private boat from Pana straight to the farm

You can find more info on getting to the farm here

Once I receive participant flight confirmations I can begin organizing the private shuttles. Fees for the shuttle will vary based on number of riders.

Are you ready for Lake Atitlan?!

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