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Healing the Mother Wound

Free Online Ceremony
Tuesday | February 20 |7p EST

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What is the Mother Wound?

The Mother Wound is a wound that exists in adult children as a result of having an emotionally unavailable or inconsistent mother. The Mother is often not able to meet the emotional needs of her children due to her own mother wound.   This leads to ‘under mothering”


The child is not able to understand their mother’s inability to love on the way that’s needed. And so, the child internalizes the ‘under mothering’ as something being wrong with them.


Some ways the Mother Wound manifest: 

  • inability to set boundaries 

  • codependency in relationships 

  • chronic self judgement, self criticism, comparison to others 

  • fear of displeasing your mother, or looking to her before you make any deicisions 

  • lack of self trust

This wound can exist in all genders, not just in women or daughters. 

In this online ceremony we will:

  • Learn more about what the mother wound is

  • Explore how this mother wound shows up for YOU

  • Learn how to begin to heal the mother wound

  • Journey in a crystal meditation and receive a multidimensional healing for the mother wound


How to Prepare:

  • arrive ready to be present and undisturbed 

  • have a journal to take notes and for personal reflection

  • be in a quiet space where you can lie down comfortably for the meditation

  • I highly encourage you to have an amethyst crystal with you, but it is not mandatory. 

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