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Energy vs Frequency vs Vibration

If you’re in the conscious or spiritual community (which if you’re reading this I assume you are) you’ve probably heard the buzz words energy, vibration, and frequency.

“Change your energy, and you change your life”

“Raise your vibration”

“Raise your frequency”

We’ve all heard these expressions, but do we really know what this means?

First things first, you can’t change your energy. Whoa! Plot twist (i know)!

Energy is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed - it just is. Energy just is! It is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ energy simply exists (forever and ever) and is neutral. It is the way that the energy is used/ applied and our perception of that use that creates the judgment of good or bad. Even still, the energy itself has not changed. Which leads me to my next point….vibration.

Vibration is the expression of energy. The vibration determines how the energy is felt, perceived, & made manifest. Lower vibrations manifest more densely and appear more solid. Emotionally speaking, lower vibrations such as hate, guilt, depression make our energetic expression more dense causing side effects like, sluggishness, poor digestion, mental fog, etc. This vibration has a direct effect on our overall … you guessed it, frequency.

Frequency is our state of being. It is the broadcast signal, vibration is the information being sent to that signal. For instance, you tune into a local indie pop radio station - the music (vibration) that will be coming into this station (frequency) will only be songs that fit under the “indie pop” genre. A hip-hop station will only play music that qualifies as hip-hip, country station will only play country.. You get the drift. So when we want to change our frequency, first we must change our vibration.

Energy Healing is a highly effective tool to assist in raising your vibration. Star Light Energy Healing specifically, provides a huge upgrade. The frequency that comes through during a Star Light energy healing is of an extremely high vibration. It tells the station controller - “this is the music we want played now” and overtime, with a consistent regime and dedication to maintenance the station changes from “I am sad and my life sucks” to “My life is amazing and I in a constant state of gratitude”

Ask me how I can help you raise your vibration!

With Love,

Vivian 💫

“Bridging the gap between Spirituality & Practicality”

*originally publish Mar 31, 2022

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