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Sacred Wombman Retreat

Join us as we embark on a journey of transformation, sisterhood, and self-discovery. Rediscover the radiant goddess within and awaken to the infinite possibilities that await when you embrace your true essence. Reserve your space now and step into the magic of our women's retreat.


Step into a sanctuary of sisterhood where you are celebrated for all that you are.

Embark on a soul-stirring odyssey to the heart of the Mayan lands, where the ancient wisdom of the divine feminine awaits. Nestled amidst the majestic beauty of Mystical Lake Atitlán, our women's retreat invites you to immerse yourself in a transformative experience of womb healing, feminine empowerment, and self-discovery.

Discover the profound healing power of the *Mayan womb massage, a ancestral healing modality passed down through generations to honor and revitalize the sacred center of feminine energy. Guided by skilled healers and spiritual guides, you'll embark on a journey of deep release, restoration, and renewal as you connect with the ancient wisdom encoded within your womb.

Surrender to the enchanting beauty of Lake Atitlán, where the shimmering waters and towering volcanoes provide a majestic backdrop for your journey of self-exploration. Allow the mystical energy of this sacred land to awaken your senses, ignite your spirit, and reconnect you with the innate wisdom of Mother Earth.

Immerse yourself in a tapestry of transformative practices designed to empower, inspire, and uplift. From guided meditations and sacred ceremonies to empowering workshops and heart-centered discussions, you'll embark on a journey of self-love, body positivity, and feminine empowerment unlike any other.

Reconnect with the rhythms of nature as you explore the lush landscapes and Mayan culture that surround Lake Atitlán. Let the earth beneath your feet and the wind in your hair remind you of your deep connection to all of creation, and the infinite possibilities that arise when you embrace the fullness of who you are.

Join us on a journey of deep healing, profound transformation, and soulful sisterhood. Awaken to the magic that lies within and around you as you rediscover the radiant goddess that has always resided within your heart. Reserve your space now and embark on the adventure of a lifetime at Mystical Lake Atitlán.



This retreat is an invitation to reclaim your womb, reclaim your innate wisdom, & reclaim your power.

Through practicing Womb Wisdom we embody the Divine Feminine and reactivate Self Love.



The Sacred Wombman Retreat is for those born of the female sex and feel the call to go deeper into their healing journey. During our time together we will explore modalities to connect to the womb space. We will have the honor to meet with the comadronas, traditional Mayan Midwives, and receive their transmissions. Each participant will receive a Mayan Womb Massage* - this is a profoundly deep massage (physically & spiritually) that resets the “Heart of the Stomach” and releases stored traumas within the body, specifically (but not limited to) the Womb.

*contraindications to receiving the Mayan Womb Massage include IUDs, any woman on her moon, recent C-sections or abdominal surgeries, and women who are pregnant.

Some of the Magic to be experienced:

  • Accommodations on the very special Lake Atitlan

  • Off grid living on a sustainable farm, the Mystical Yoga Farm

  • 3 super delicious vegan meals a day

  • Traditional & womb based asana in shale overlooking the lake

  • Meditation

  • Breathwork for cleaning the subsconcious and remove blocks

  • traditional yogic pranayama

  • Cacao!

  • Womb Wisdom Workshops

  • Temazcal

  • Traditional Mayan Fire ceremony with Mayan Spiritual guide

  • Womb Blessing Ceremony

"I came feeling not sure of who I was as a person, as a woman, and I've gained so much clarity over the last 6 days under the guidance of Viv" 


What a Day might look like:

6:15a Wake up Call

7:00a Breathwork + Journaling

7:30a Cacao Flow + Womb Meditation

9:00a Breakfast

10:00a Free Flow

12:00p Lunch

2:00p Womb Wisdom Workshop

4:00p Temezcal

6:00p Dinner

7:30p Integration/ Sister Circle

This retreat if for you if:

  • You have a uterus

  • You've had a hysterectomy

  • You've had a miscarriage

  • You've terminated a pregnancy

  • You've birthed a child - vaginal or c-section

  • You want to birth a child

  • You want to express yourself creatively

  • You want to connect with ancestral wisdom

  • You want to learn to love and accept your body

  • You want to learn how your body communicates with you

  • You want to connect with your intuition

  • You want to learn about your cyclical nature and how to work WITH the hormonal changes instead of against them

  • You want to release shame

  • You want to release past traumas, stop feeling stuck, and move forward in your life

  • You want to disconnect from your day to day and give yourself permission to take care of YOU

  • You have any of the following:

    • PCOS

    • Endometriosis

    • Fibroids

    • Ovarian cysts

    • painful menstruation

    • irregular periods

    • menopause symptoms

    • infertility

    • IBS

    • digestive issues

    • any imbalance related to digestive or reproductive health

Is this retreat only for women with the above symptoms?


ALL WOMEN ARE WELCOME. You don't need any previous experience just an openness & willingness to heal and learn. All women will benefit from this experience of gathering in sisterhood, reclaiming + loving their bodies, & tuning into the wisdom of being a woman 🌹

Meet Your Guide

Hi Love! 


My name is Vivian and I am so excited to be leading this retreat again. After years of being in ceremony, community, healing spaces, and let’s be honest, planet Earth - it became very clear to me that women from all walks of life were in need of healing. Women around the world have forgotten the blessing it is to be a woman and the power of the Divine Feminine. 


During one of my visits to Guatemala I had the honor of diving deeper into the ways of the Mayan Midwives and received the transmission & training on the Mayan Womb Massage.I sat in the Temezcal in complete awe as a witness to the beauty of women taking care of other women. I kept thinking, “We all need this. All women need this!”



This is my second year leading this retreat. After a highly successful sold out retreat in its inauguration, and witnessing the impact it had on all of the women present, I realized this retreat is so much bigger than I had imagined. It is bigger than me, it is a mission, and needs to be an annual offering for healing the feminine collective. 


And so, it is my honor to hold this container for you. A container to swim in the depths of your womb, a container to explore your wisdom, a container to come back to your body, a container that serves as a catalyst in your journey.

Thank you for your trust. 


In love & service, Ahava

Vivian Arias

Crystal Therapist, Channel of Light, Womb Healing guide

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