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Amaterasu, Goddess of Light 🌞

"We are mirrors, reflecting back the same light"

When we become self aware, we realize that what we hear is true. Everything is a mirror to reflect on your own state of consciousness. How relationships are mirrors, how life is a mirror, how your reality is a mirror, etc

Today I am sharing a story about the Shinto goddess of light, Amaterasu. Amaterasu is the most powerful deity in the Shinto religion. She's the solar goddess of Japanese mythology. Her name means "shining in heaven."

The oldest legends of Amaterasu date back to the 8th century and come from the Kojiki, the Japanese 'record of ancient matters.'

"The most well known story of deities or spirits in Shinto is when Amaterasu got in a fight with her brother, Susanoo, god of the storms and of the sea. HIs violence made Amaterasu so upset and angry, she retreated into a cave leaving the world in darkness.

The kami (spirit) of merriment placed a mirror outside of her cave and laughed so much Amaterasu became curious. She peeked outside the cave and saw a beautiful goddess, a stunning vision of the dawn. She was in awe of it, not realizing it was her own reflection."

My biggest takeaway in how this is resonating for me in this moment is taking comfort in someone else’s joy and allowing that to be an inspiration for your own. Sometimes when you are in your shadow you forget that a shadow cannot be cast without some light. If we can take a moment to remove our focus from what is getting us down, and become curious about what makes others happy, not from the lense of “why them and not me” but from genuine curiosity, then we can open channels to also receive & express joy.

When we get curious about what brings other people joy, and allow ourselves to also explore those experiences we increase the probability for happiness. For example, you notice your coworker really enjoys rock climbing. It’s never been of interest to you but the high it gives your coworker makes you curious, so you give it a shot. Best case scenario, you love it! Worst case scenario, you don’t BUT you also got out of your comfort zone and learned something new about yourself, which in any case, is a win.

When you see the light of others, do not feel bitter or jealous. Remember. Remember that you are also light, and get curious on how to bring that light through.

Just as in the image of Amaterasu above, it is when we step out from behind our own clouds that we can experience our true radiance reflected back from still waters.

In Light,

Vivian ✨

Amaterasu story shared from the Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson


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