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Energy Medicine vs Allopathic Medicine

Energy Medicine vs Allopathic Medicine, made out to be arch nemesis. “There can only be one!!!!” or so big ‘farma’ would have you believe. There is much debate on whether or not Energy Medicine is effective or not, and the big dollar funding for research goes into proving it is not (or it is just completely cast aside and labeled pseudoscience, or ignored altogether). I am not getting into the flawed system in this article, perhaps I’ll share my rant another day.

Today I am sharing not just the efficacy of Energy Medicine but also the efficiency, and I’ll do this in as short, and concisely as I can.

When we look at typical western medicine, we see it is mostly based on treating (read suppressing) the symptoms of a disease via whatever magic pill the doctor prescribes. These prescriptions carry information to be assimilated into your body. Fair enough. However, in order for your body to receive this information being provided a chemical reaction takes place between the drug you ingested and the cells in your body. During this chemical reaction a ton of heat is produced, the chemicals bind, heat is released. Guess what goes “bye bye” with all of that heat too… the information!! That’s right, about 98% of the information originally carried by the medication and intended for use is actually, 'poof', gone. You are left with a measly 1% of the energy carrying information, moving at roughly 1 foot per second.

When we look at Energy Medicine, it is primarily non-invasive (exception with Acupuncture) and focuses on finding the root cause of ailments, treating the root cause while also alleviating symptoms. Because Energy Medicine is non invasive, there are no reactions taking place with foreign chemicals within the body. The information is being transmitted through the biofield. The biofield is the electromagnetic field around your body (also known as the aura). Since there is no wasted heat because there is no chemical reaction, virtually none of the information is lost, and you my friend receive complete information signaling the body for wellness. This signal, travels at a significantly faster rate than ingested chemicals, moving an an astonishing 186,000 miles per second!

Energy Medicine 1, Magic Pill 0

Just like with allopathic medicine, energy medicine requires consistency and “re-filling your prescription.” One energy work session probably isn't going to cure your IBS, just like 1 pill won’t either. The difference though, is that through consistency Energy Medicine will. As an Energy Medicine practitioner, I wholeheartedly believe that anything and everything is curable - with the right tools. I am here to be of service and offer high vibrational modalities such as my Star Light Energy Healing and Crystal Healing Therapy sessions. Yet, despite the beautiful & unique modalities I've been blessed with, I want to remind you that the most powerful tool in your healing box is YOU.

In Light,

Vivian 💫

This article was inspired by a conversation I recently listened to featuring Dr. Bruce Lipton. You can find the video here .

*Originally published April 8, 2022

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