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How Does Distance Healing Work?

So you want to know how distance healing works? Well, the bad news is I have yet to find a way of explaining it in a 'scientific way' BUT neither has science! HA! Scientists however, are curious about how distance healing works and we are being provided with more studies on the power of prayer, distance healing, positive thinking and other categories previously undermined as just spiritual or woo-woo.

The truth is, science will not be able to prove what is meant to be embodied. Science is purely quantitive and when we go into the realm of healing we have to invite that which cannot be quantified - faith in the Divine 💫 Science and Spirituality are meant to be sisters, not in competition but working collaboratively for the harmonic advancement of humanity.

I will offer this analogy however. It’s like working on a Google doc that is uploaded on the cloud - the cloud being ether, the quantum field, collective unconscious, etc. On a Google Doc you can invite a collaborator and see who has made what changes, you can pull it up at the same time and work on it together, or even pull up version history and see all of the imprints, updates, and changes over time. This can be equated to looking into your Akashic records.

Your intention is what gives the practitioner ‘access’ to the doc, aka access to your energy field. The practitioner can then go in and update the files, almost like a proofreader would scan you paper and recommend the revision of sentences, correct your grammar, delete words... get the the picture. What you are left with is an improved version of the doc (energy field) to continuing working and expanding upon.

Get it?

"The Quantum field is an invisible field of intelligence that exists beyond this space & time. It’s an immaterial realm that is not defined by our senses"

Now, like a mentioned earlier, we are being provided with results on studies of the power of prayer and distance healing. To be honest the research can swing either way but IT HAS BEEN PROVEN.

For instance, in a study of 219 infertile women receiving in-vitro treatments found that the women who had been prayed for had nearly twice as high a pregnancy rate as those who had not been prayed for (50 vs. 26%; P <0.005). Furthermore, the women who had been prayed for showed a higher implantation rate than those who had not been prayed for (16.3 vs. 8%; P <0.001). Finally, the benefits of prayer were independent of clinical or laboratory providers and clinical variables. Thus, this study showed that distant prayer facilitates implantation and pregnancy.

Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D., and lecturer at Harvard, says, “It's clear from the correlational studies within the epidemiology data that positive relationships exist between religious and spiritual practice and health outcomes on a variety of different conditions.” Moreover, she says that in a study and confirmation study on intercessory prayer, “the prayer groups had statistically significant improvements in outcome, suggesting that the intervention has clinical relevance.”

In a 2010 study on the effects of distance healing on Type 2 Diabetes, "The results showed that the distant healing intervention had the health effects on people with type 2 diabetes. Among the dependent variables used in this study, significant improvements in the experimental group were found in the HbA1c levels and STAI Y-2 (“trait” anxiety)."

As an energy healing practitioner, I gotta tell you, it's the real deal. The key to best results is being open and taking accountability for your healing process. This includes what happens after your healing session - your day to day activities, habits, thoughts and emotions.

I hope you guys enjoyed this entry! You can experience the benefits of distance healing first hand with me! My clients live across the globe and majority of my sessions are done through the aether web. Book a virtual session here

In Light,

Vivian 💫

*Originally posted Jan 30, 2023

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