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How to Start Believing in Yourself

When we talk about building confidence I think the key word is “building”

When you build anything it is a process - laying brick by brick. And with anything that is built to last, it takes vision, patience, and commitment.

So I feel the first step is to recognize that you are embarking on a journey, a long term project and eliminate any “quick fix” mentality. There is no quick fix mentality when it comes to changing our consciousness.

I recommend taking on small challenges. Things that you feel some level of confidence doing but also sparks intimidation. Practice conquering those tasks to build your self esteem and set a foundation for the new project you are building. Not only will this increase your track record of success, even if you don't "succeed" in the way you imagined, you will build resilience and develop a "what can I learn from this attitude." This will shift you out of fear vibration, or at least turn the volume level down.

If you are reading this, I am grateful for you wanting to better yourself and even more grateful that you are leaning into love. There is no true self improvement or progress without self love.

In Light,


*Originally published Jan 03, 2023

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