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Morning Ritual for Grounding & Guidance

How you start your morning sets the tone for your day. If you linger in bed scrolling your phone on social media or the news, you start your day off with distraction, numbing, comparison, and anxiety. If you put off waking up on time only to skip breakfast and rush to where you need to go, you're starting your day in a sympathetic state aka fight or flight mode aka disoriented and anxious.

Slow mornings have been a game changer for me. What I mean by "slow morning" is allotting myself the time to get what I want to get done with space and time so as to not feel rushed. That way, by the time it's time for me to engage with my daily to-do list or work, I've already had time for ME.. it's self care, it's staying sane. It's feeling in flow with your day rather than being run by your day

Here is a simple morning ritual I've been working with for years.

  • I start my day with gratitude. Before I get out of bed I give thanks for another day WITH a smile on my face.

  • I make my bed! Do not underestimate the power of making your bed folks! The simple task of making your bed in the morning can offer mental health benefits such as: improved organization, improved goal setting skills, and less stress.

  • (fast forward past all the personal hygiene stuff)

I sit with a cup of Ceremonial Cacao, a deck, a crystal, and my journal.

  • I drink Cacao.Cacao is a wonderful plant medicine that I started working with back in 2019. I make a more in depth post of the benefits but for the sake of keeping this post brief - drinking cacao in the morning energizes me AND grounds me. It helps me connect to my heart, check in with how I'm feeling, and set an intention for the day.

  • I pick a card. Pulling a card from my oracle deck is a fun + favorite way of tuning into what my guides or Higher Self wants me to know. I simply ask "What message do I most need to hear today, for my highest & greatest good?" The answer helps become more aware of what the day may entail or maybe something I've missed (or have been ignoring 😅😇).

  • I Journal. I'll either journal about what my interpretation of the card pull is (this is a great practice to hone intuition), my dreams from the previous night, my intention for the day... the topics are endless really.

  • The Crystal. As you guys know, I'm a big crystal person. Each morning I choose a crystal that calls out to me (whichever one stands out most) or a crystal whose qualities I'd like to invite into my day. I'll either hold the crystal or just keep it in my space as a drink my cacao, pull a card, and journal.

After this ritual I feel ready for the day. I've grounded myself, identified and aligned with my intention for the day, and I've connected to Spirit which brings me into a feeling of love, understanding, and unity. Now I can go forth in a state of coherence, motivation, and gratitude + attract more of that into my day.

The comments are open if you'd like to share your morning ritual practice!

For those that are curious, I am currently working with Cacao Lab's Ceremonial Cacao. If you click that link you receive 10% off every purchase or enter VIV10 at checkout.

My current favorite deck is The Herbal Astrology oracle by Adriana Ayales. It is a breathtaking deck that really brings me into the heart space and makes me feel so connected to the earth 🥰 I can't recommend it enough!

In Light,

Vivian 💫

*Originally published Feb 28, 2023

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