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Seeking Truth vs Creating Truth

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we go through life seeking truth. What’s the true meaning to life? What is my true purpose? Is this person telling the truth?

I pulled an oracle card that really got me thinking when it said, “This winged one insists that we speak truth, that we create truth instead of searching for it…”

It been echoing in my consciousness; what does it look like to create truth instead of searching for it?

It means the truth starts with YOU. Whatever you seek, you must first become. If you’re on a search for truth, then you must be a truthful person. You must live in integrity, your thoughts, words, and actions need to be in alignment.

It’s important to acknowledge that there are different ‘truths’. There is relative truth and absolute truth. Relative Truth is relative to you or the person in question. For example, if I am on the east coast of the United States at 9am, it would be considered morning. That would be accepted as the truth by me self and probably anyone else within +/- hours of that time zone. Now, let’s take the perspective of someone who is in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong it is 9pm, it is not morning, in fact it is night. One person claims it is morning while the other claims it is night; are either of them lying? No. This truth is relative. It being morning is a relative truth to me in relation to where I am located. Absolute truth is a truth that cannot be denied or changed based on personal relativity. In terms of the previous example, the absolute truth is that regardless of what side of the globe or time zone, both parties in question are on planet earth.

Now that we have the understanding, lets get back to how we create truth in order to find it. How does one create truth? If you say, I am a business owner but do not yet own a business, how do you make that true? You take the aligned action to become a business owner. This is a pretty straight forward example, but what about when we are seeking ‘intangible truths’? That’s where your inner work truly comes into play. You must have a commitment to living in truth. You must be committed to the congruence between your thoughts, words, and actions. The must be an authenticity to you and the way you show up. This creates a vibration where anything that is untruthful cannot dwell. We naturally have the ability to detect when something is a lie, our bodies can feel it because our bodies can detect subtle vibrations. When you commit to living an honest life, your bullshit detector becomes highly sophisticated!

Creating truth is living it in your thoughts, words, and actions. When you do that, the truth becomes obvious. You can see through facades, and you can begin to focus less on relative truths or absolute truths and become more interested in more open, and perhaps more capable to deeper universal truths.

I share this message as a reminder that you will not find outside of you what you have not yet cultivated inside of you. If you want truth, start by being true to yourself!


Vivian ✨

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