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What is the Human ElectroMagnetic Field?

Electromagnetic Fields. We’ve heard of the electromagnetic (EM) frequencies given off by electronic appliances such as WiFi, cell phones, and microwaves… what about us humans?

All living things have an electromagnetic field. The human EM field, often referred to as the “aura,” interpenetrates and surrounds our physical body. You can think of your electromagnetic field as your own force field.

Emerging fields of research are now referring to the human EM field as the human biofield.

“The term biofield fills the need for a unifying concept to bridge traditional and contemporary explanatory models of energy medicine and provides a common language for aspects of both clinical practice and scientific research that focus on energy fields of the body.” (i.e - bridging the gap between spirituality and science, or as i like to say ‘bridging the gap between spirituality and practicality’)

Wherever there is an electrical charge, there is an electric field. Our central nervous system is a complex electrical system when you think about it! Each organ produces its own EM field, some stronger than others. The most commonly studied are the brain & heart.

Our brain is constantly firing and wiring electrical signals via neurons, and each nerve impulse is an electrical signal to the brain. These electrical fields are measured by devices called electroencephalogram [EEG].

Now, when it comes to the brain and heart, which do you think sends more signals?

Most people would think that the brain is the HBIC (head brain in charge) but to the surprise of many the heart sends more information to the brain than the other way around! As it turns out, the heart is 40-60% stronger electrically than the brain! Wowzies, I know <3

This field (or bubble if you want to call it that) is capable of receiving and transmitting information, like radio waves. As I mentioned earlier, this field penetrates and surrounds your physical body. Yes, that's right, go ahead and picture yourself in an invisible bubble of energy.

HeartMath Institute has found “evidence demonstrating that this energy is not only transmitted internally to the brain but is also detectable by others within its range of communication.”...... Energy detectable by others within range of communication?! That is a rabbit hole I’ll take you down another day folks, but in the meantime consider this,

“What energy am I giving off to be picked up by others?

Until next time!

In Light,

Vivian ✨

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*originally published May 17, 2022

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