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Are You Getting Enough Energy Work Done?

Energy Healing sessions are great. You show up, lay down, and for the most part - check out while the practitioner does their thing. Next thing you know there’s a gentle tap on your shoulder letting you know the session is complete and an hour has gone by without notice. You slowly make your way on to your feet and bask in the feeling of serenity. Grateful for the energetic refresh you say your “Thank yous” and “Good-byes” and you're off until next time. But just when will that next time be?

In general, when you receive an energy healing session, the channeled energy continues working on the subtle level for the next 24 hours before the ‘dust settles’ and it is integrated into your field. If you are energetically conscious and already have tools in place for your own energetic maintenance, then receiving an energy healing session once a month is the perfect little tune up.

If you are someone who isn’t as energetically attuned, you will still receive the benefits of an energy healing session. However, without the proper maintenance program the effects will not be as lasting, here’s why... The energy that is being channeled during an energy healing session is of a high vibration, and if you are not taking action that keeps you aligned with this vibration it will slowly lower and match the vibration you are emitting on a more consistent basis. That is to say, if you are not eating fresh healthy foods, thinking helpful thoughts, exercising, etc.. you are not contributing to creating a conducive environment for this new, higher vibration to flourish.

That’s where a consistent energy work practice comes in. When you subscribe to an energy healing protocol, you are receiving this influx of higher vibrational energy on a more consistent basis creating a higher “base line” in your vibrational state of being. Eventually coming to a place where you are able to sustain this vibration for longer periods of time.

I am now offering service subscriptions for those ready to commit to raising their vibration!

With Light,


*originally posted on Mar 17, 2022

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