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"Never Not Broken" the Medicine of Akhilanda

Many of us exert tremendous energy to "not fall apart" or "break down." We are drained by societal expectations of perfectionism, of constant production, of constant doing. We no not make space for our emotions (if fact it takes more energy to suppress how we feel than it would to actually just allow ourselves to feel them). We try to run away from our grief. We try to speed passed our heartbreak. We want "live our best life" while resisting the change required.

Most people resist change until it is no longer their choice, we call this a crisis.

Akhilnda or Akhilandaeshvari, is the goddess that come to our aid when it is time for our liberation. She is the goddess of "never not broken" representing the flux, our ability to break apart and come back together again but never in a 'permanent' place. She teaches us that being broken isn't a failure or something we should avoid. In fact, it is encouraged. Imagine if nothing every changed? Imagine how stagnant and stale it would become.

She is the embodiment of what we try to resist the most, the dissolution of our ego's identity. She can show us where our energy is trapped, where we have been stifled by routines or others' expectation of us. She breaks our rigidity, calcified habits, and thought patterns. Akhilanda dwells in the space between who we are and who we are becoming. Who are you in those micro moments between breaths? The moment before the inhale becomes the exhale, who are you in the moment before the exhale becomes an inhale? Who are you in the moments of suspension? Akhilanda is a goddess of transitions.

This oracle come as a reminder that we have the power to choose. We can choose to see every event as an opportunity to become more light rather than to view it from the disempowered victim lense. Everything happens for your liberation.

How do we do this? How do we become empowered? How do we use our brokenness to feel more whole?

In our vulnerability.

If we surrender and allow ourselves to go the heart of our pain, we can find refuge in our vulnerability and imperfections. What we avoided becomes our nourishment rather than our poison.

In iconography, she is depicted as either standing or riding on top of a crocodile. The crocodile is a representation of our fears. In this, Akhilanda teaches us to not only conquer our fears, but to ride them. Let your fears serve as a guide towards what medicine awaits you. Let your fear serve as a door.

The way in which crocs kill their prey is by first spinning them around in the mouths, completely disorientating them. This speaks to the complete disorientation required for the dissolution of the ego identity. When we are confused we look for answers, when we believe we already know it all we stay the same. Akhilanda teaches us that as we disorientate the ego, we create cracks in our perception of reality, in our perception of our self, and through those cracks we can see what lies beneath the surface - the light of our Essence.

This wonderful messenger has come to tell us

"It's not the heart that ever breaks, it is the ego. The heart only ever expands"

For those ready to experience this medicine, to break free of your mental and emotional restraints and expand your heart - book a free consultation and learn more about how you can work with me 1-on-1 within my Chrysalis packages.

In Light,

Vivian ✨

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