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How Crystal Healing Works

Crystal healing is absolutely amazing! It is one of my favorite healing modalities to date, it is also (in my experience) one of the most underestimated.

Crystals have an alluring beauty that draws you in. They are sparkly, shiny, & mysterious. They make excellent decorative items and stunning jewelry pieces, and yet their power is hidden in plain sight!

Those that are drawn to crystals know that certain crystals carry certain properties and are able to assist you in different areas of life. For example, Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love, Citrine is known to bring abundance and has been coined “the Merchant’s stone." But the healing property of crystals doesn’t end with what you find on the little info card you receive with your purchase.

When you deepen your exploration of crystals and their healing abilities as I have, you enter a new dimension to the depth of power these tools have.

How it Works

So how does crystal healing work? Crystals all carry their own vibration, their own frequency. More than that, they have a perfect vibration. When I say perfect, I mean that on a molecular level, crystals are structured into perfect geometric patterns and are extremely stable. This stability and order enables crystals to maintain a consistent resonance, a consistent vibration.

Our bodies are always seeking order. Think about it… are you seeking chaos in your life? Are your organs “out to get you” by sabotaging your health and causing internal chaos? Quite the opposite, our bodies are so loving and devoted to us that allll day and night the systems unseen to us are working to keep us alive. Every muscle, tissue, organ, cell is working towards bringing and sustaining order to keep you alive and vibrant.

When there is chaos or disorder (aka dis-ease) in the body, then there is certainly disorder on the vibrational level. Remember, “everything in life is vibration” - it’s physics 101 (and quoted by Albert Einstein himself).

Now, how do crystals come into play? When we introduce crystals into our field, we introduce their vibration- their orderly, stable, and HIGH vibration. This vibration sets the example, sets the tune for your vibration to match. It is the law of entrainment.

You can say that the crystals come in as the conductor of the orchestra to get all of your instruments (organs) in tune and ready to perform in the symphony of life!

I hope you found this helpful! I tried to simplify it as best as I could, but when people want “the science” don’t expect overly simplified explanations! Lol

Stay tuned for Part II where we will go a little deeper into the mysteries of crystal healing.

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In Light,

Vivian ✨

*originally published June 07, 2022

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