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How Crystal Healing Works Part II

Hi Babes, today I'll be going a little deeper into the workings of crystal healing. If you haven't already, make sure you check out Part 1 to gain some background on what I am referencing. It's a short + informative read.

So, based on Part 1 we know that crystals carry their own electromagnetic field and this EM field interacts with our own EM field. Did you know that just holding a quartz crystal can bring your brain into an Alpha state? This is important because when we go into a crystal healing/ crystal therapy/ crystal treatment we are altering the brain wave pattern.

To start, we settle into Alpha which is a "wakeful rest." This wakeful resting state is a coherent state in which the parasympathetic system is activated and we are more receptive to energy. Then we go deeper. While there is still quiet a bit psychology involved, this is where things get mystical ✨

We enter the subconscious mind - the store house of all of our memories, core beliefs, and conditioning. Now it is worth mentioning that the mind is not localized, it is everywhere in the body. That being said, we begin to explore the subconscious, also known as the "emotional mind" and how its imprints are showing up in the physical body, in our field, and in our life experience. "What are the beliefs I have about myself? What am I holding on to out of fear of being hurt? Why am I unable to receive love?" are just some of the questions explored. The most important thing here is that by opening the gate to the subconscious we also open the the Higher Self. The Higher Self is the aspect of you that remains in the vibrational plane, connected to Source, and serves as your guide. It is you with all of your wisdom, all of the answers, all of your experiences (in this life & others) and an unfragmented expression of love. In addition to your Higher Self, we are also joined by your spiritual team of advisors - call them teachers, guides, guardian angels, etc... We are working on a SOUL level. Told you it gets mystical 🧝🏾‍♀️✨

Whether you believe in a Higher Self, or guardian angels doesn't matter because I'm pretty sure you believe you have a mind 😉 Crystals are not limited by your belief in them, nothing is. YOU are limited by your belief.

I think this a good stopping point for now. I'll circle back around to share more on this modality because it can be an extensive topic. I encourage you to check out my video where I share about own personal crystal therapy experience HERE

In Light,

Vivian ✨

*Originally published Jan 04, 2023

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